Customizable Medical Furniture

Our medical carts are completely customizable to your exact requirements. Built with high pressure laminate; able to withstand all chemical cleaning solutions to ensure a sterile environment. With laminare your are able to match existing decor and casework.

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Precision Medical Cabinetry can help you streamline your medication delivery

The installation of our self closing and self locking, single patient medication cabinets is a beneficial and efficient addition to any hospital. Reduction of medication errors, which in turn improves patient and nursing staff satisfaction. No longer does the nursing staff need to access a remote location for medication, dispensing and delivery. Patient rooms can be stocked on demand, reducing RN workloads and allowing them more time with patient care.
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New Slimline articulating arm cabinets

Placing these slimline articulating arm cabinets in rooms, allows for faster patient interaction, resulting in better patient outcomes, improving bed utilization.
Networked computer stations allow facilities to track patients and also track asset use in real time, whilst still maintaining secure data protocols.
Slimline cabinet with open access
Slimline cabinet with folding door and sliding panel

Image, Slim articulating arm inroom computing cabinet, sliding privacy panel
Image,Hospital computer cabinet, test

We thoroughly test our cabinets for durability and reliability, our fold down door cabinets feature our custom door chassis, which we feel is the strongest in the industry.

Tested to withstand 405lbs.

Obstruction free worksurface
No use of cables or other obstructive apparatus.

We are continuously looking to improve our products.

4" Hallway computer cabinet

A slimeline design computer cabinet designed for minimal footprint, for both hallway or in room use. Open face design allows for work efficiency through ease of access, whilst still keeping the computer secured.
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Image, Folding door computer cabinet, medication storage and electronic locks

Medication Workstations

Medication dispensing and storage merged with EMR in one personalized hospital computer/medication workstation.
Designed for hallway or in-room placement. Individual medication cabinets improve quality of care, patient safety and nursing staff satisfaction.
EMR Medication workstation

Image, Folding door computer cabinet, medication storage and electronic locks
Image, Electronic lock, membrane keypad on computer cabinet

Electronic lock with membrane keypad

This electronic locks is one of many different locking solutions we offer with our medication and computing workstations. Slime line membrane keypad, is easy to clean and offers virtually no cabinet protrusion. It is programmable for up to 120 different user codes and capable of managing multiple locks at once. Is ultimately a very good solution for multi-compartment workstations such as our SHS-3254-FD-A We offer a large variety of locks including Network locking systems, prox/HID card, electronic and mechanic pushbutton. For more info please contact us


Articulating arm workstation with folding door design

The folding door was engineered to allow our bedside wall mounted computer cabinets minimal door protrusion without sacrificing the work surface used for writing or preparing medication. The door can be opened smoothly with one handed operation and has an assisted self closing mechanism. This door system allows more flexibility when choosing computers and other components.

Image, Folding door computer workstation, with articulating arm
Image, Folding door computer cabinet with height adjustable articulating arm

Height adjustable articulating arm

Our new folding door design allows us more flexibility to accommodate almost any articulating arm, with a variety of door heights available with minimal door protrusion. Our 14" height adjustable arm is counter balanced with gas shocks so that the arm can be comfortably positioned with minimal effort.

Open Face Wall Mount Computer Desk

The open face series can be built as thin as 3.5". This wall mounted workstation is built to accommodate LCD monitors, CPU's, Keyboards, mouse, scanners, medication, etc. Open face hospital computer wall mounts series offers a very small footprint, increases efficiency with easy access. This is a popular cabinet for both hallway and in-room use. Ergonomics is in forefront of all our hospital computer cabinet designs as well as functionality and reliability.

Made in the

Image, Open face design. Wall mounted computer workstation
Image, Articulating Arm computer workstation

Cabinet mounted articulating arm with Integrated Medication Cabinet

Precision Medical Cabinetry presents electronic cabinet mounted articulating arm stations. They add a pleasant contemporary furniture look with a true custom built cabinet quality that helps maintain a professional image. Strategically placing our wall mounted workstations at the point of care, increases work flow and helps facilitate caregiver to patient interaction. Our cabinet mounted articulating arm are in-room ergonomic workstations, designed to be comfortably positioned within a 180° radius, allowing patient interaction and electronic healthcare record data input to merge seamlessly. Integrating bed side medication cabinet with-in the hospital computer cabinet, increases efficiency and lightens caregiver's workloads. We are currently working on integrating more ergonomics into our hospital computer workstation. Feel free to give us a call to see what we are working on and how we can help you to integrate our computer wall mounted computer workstations into your hospital.


Tambour Articulating Arm Cabinet with 12" Electronic Height Adjustment

These adjustable height workstations move up and down, smooth and very quiet assuring minimal noise levels in hospital rooms. Electric height adjustable computer workstations will allow caregivers, at the touch of a button to compensate the height of these adjustable height computer stations to their specific comfort zone. Cutting down on caregiver fatigue throughout the busy work days, a happy caregiver is likely to perform at their complete potential.

Image, Electronic height adjustable workstation, hospital computing solution

Engineered to exact specifications, Precision Medical Cabinetry’s modular casework is constructed to a higher quality of standards, Built with radius edges everywhere possible to protect caregivers and patients. Designed to withstand frequent impacts, resists moisture and chemicals, which in return offers an extended life span and a greater return on investment.
Precision Medical Cabinetry’s modular casework functions like furniture: A configurable solution that allows you the ability to re-arrange, add or remove cabinetry to help fulfil the required needs of you facility.

Image, Commercial casework, custom designing available
Image, Hospital receptionist desk, professional reception desk Medical Receptionist Desks

Precision Medical Cabinetry custom builds medical receptionist desks and centralized nurse stations in our custom woodworking shop, by our experienced craftsmen. Producing durable and reliable receptionist desks and nurse stations to meet your specific needs.


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