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Wallmounted computer cabinet, 405lb door test

Our fold down door is at least 50% stronger than our competitors, being able to withstand 405lbs makes our doors the strongest in the industry.
Propriety to Precision Medical Cabinetry.

We use high-pressure laminate on all our surfaces of our healthcare furniture and computer workstations, inside and out. High-pressure laminates are difficult to damage, sharing the same properties as countertops, which offer durability over a long life span. There are hundreds of colors and patterns available to match any decor.

Proven Technology extends longevity and reduces maintenance costs. Precision Medical Cabinetry has over 25 years of experience in building computer workstations.

Fold down door

Tested to withstand 405lbs. 50% stonger than our competitiors.

Obstruction free

No use of cables or other obstructive apparatus on worksurfaces.

Heavy duty steel parts

Industrial strength construction with powder coated finsish.

High pressure lamiate

Durable and reliable, hundreds of colors available to match any decor.

Full customization

A unique trait to Precision Medical cabinetry is our ability to customize any of our products, specifically for your needs. Alternatively, we can create a new product altogether. Our flexible set up allows us to create or customize your product usually with little time and at no additional costs.

All of our existing wall mounted computer workstations are designed for specifically for the healthcare industry; easily altered without the loss of function, to meet your specific needs

With over 25 years experience designing and manufacturing wall-mounted computer cabinets and furniture, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver exact products, on time and on budget.
All of our products are proudly designed and built in the USA, helping to provide economic sustainability.

Customization can also allow us to help you stay within your budget, sometimes this calls for a brand new product designed around function and logical economic choice of parts and hardware. We stand behind all of our products, and fully believe that the quality, strength, and longevity of our products is unmatched in the healthcare industry.

Hospital computer workstations, custom designed and built

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Articulating arms cabinets

Designed for in-room use, to allow healthcare record entry, patient interaction and medication to merge seamlessly. Multi-functioning cabinets which offer secure housing for the articulating arm and computer systems, with additional storage for a range of needs including medication, and medical peripherals.
The computer workstation is easily accessible and is able to be integrated with any level of security.
Our new line of slimline articulating arm cabinetry allows for all the same function with a reduced footprint, allowing the cabinets to be placed where space is limited.
Our articulating arm is made from machined aluminum with an anti-microbial finish, durable and heavy duty. we have several styles of articulating arms available to cover a wide range of needs and space requirements.


  • Articulating arm cabinets

  • Slimline articulating arm cabinets

  • Articulating arms
  • Hospital wall-mounted computer cabinet, articulating arm

    Folding door design

    The folding door was designed as a solution to counter the ever growing size of the main compartment. Monitor sizes, electronic equipment and heavy duty articulating arms have created a need for more room.

    The folding door minimizes door protrusion, with-out the loss of a functional work surface, which can be used for preparing medication, and writing surface. The door is mounted using the industry's strongest door chassis, custom heavy duty design and rated to 405lbs payload.


  • Folding door designs

  • Articulating arms
  • wall-mounted computer workstations, folding door

    Slim designed workstations

    Our slimline computer wall-mounted cabinets are designed to conform to healthcare hallway/corridor code and to offer hospital computer solutions with a minimal footprint.

    Hallway and corridor designs are at maximum 4" in depth and feature, self-closing doors, self-latching doors and self-retracting keyboards. Great for both computing and storage.

    In-room slim line workstations are at a maximum 6" in depth, offer the same function as full size cabinets with a smaller footprint. Several designs available including open face, workstations and even articulating arm cabinets.


  • 4" Slim designs

  • 6" slim designs

  • Slim hospital computer workstation

    Computer wall-mounted cabinets

    Precision Medical Cabinetry has several styles of workstation available to cover a varying range of solutions. All of our designs can be customized to match the function and specific needs of your healthcare facility.

  • Articulating arm cabinets: Designed to create secure housing for our Ergonomic heavy duty articulating arms. Available with several security options, storage, door styles, and depth options.
  • Open face design: Our open face designs are generally slim 4"-6" workstations, designed for ease of access in fast moving workplaces. Built as a fully functional hospital wall-mounted computer workstation for use in areas with reduced amounts of floor space.
  • Swing out cabinets: Designed around caregiver and patient interaction, swing out cabinets offer all the functionality of our wall-mounted computer cabinets, build with the main compartment that pivots 90°, left or right, away from the wall, creating a convenient computer desk that can be used during interactions.
  • Hospital computer workstations, custom designed and built

    Medication solutions

    Precision Medical Cabinetry has several styles of medboxes available to cover a varying range of solutions. All of our designs can be customized to match the function and specific needs of your workplace.

  • Storage

    Medication storage cabinets are available in many different designs, allowing them to be placed anywhere you require. Fully customizable to hold anything you require, adjustable shelves, storage trays, and basket, hanging hooks
  • Dispensing

    Our fold down door is designed to double as a functional preparation area, allowing storage and dispensing to merge seamlessly.
  • Security

    Medication cabinets are built strong and secure with several locking and security options available.
  • Integration

    Medication dispensing and storage merged with EMR into a single personalized hospital computer/medication workstation. Designed for a hallway or in-room placement. Individual medication cabinets improve the quality of care, patient safety, and healthcare staff satisfaction.
  • Hospital medication cabinet, lockable medbox
    heavy duty medication cabinet, lockable medboxes

    Medical carts

    Our carts are made using high-pressure laminate, able to withstand all chemical cleaning solutions to ensure a sterile environment. Exceeds all continuous use applications. Designed with rounded edges for durability and a true custom furniture look. Completely customizable to your exact requirement with many locking solutions and anti-tip safety features.

  • Obstetrics

    Our obstetrics furniture is designed to integrate compact IT stations into obstetric rooms without the loss of function. Aesthetically designed to merge into existing surroundings, upholding a home like environment. Fully customizable to the specific needs of your facility and clinicians.
  • Supply carts

    Made using high-pressure laminate, able to withstand all chemical cleaning solutions to ensure a sterile environment. Exceeds all continuous use applications. Designed with rounded edges for durability and a true custom furniture look. Completely customizable to your exact requirement with many locking solutions and anti-tip safety features.
  • Hospital supply carts, computer carts, obstetric carts

    Bedside and inroom furniture.

    Bedside cabinets are built for aesthetics and clinical durability. Our hospital room furniture features an easily customized set up including drawers, cabinets, locks, and storage trays, as well as exact matching laminates, to help create a finely coordinated and functional patient suite.

    Our custom design and manufacturing process allow us a lot of flexibility, we can build just about any piece of furniture for a hospital room including closet cabinets, computer desks, wall-mounted computer stations, casework, and modular wall-systems.

    Hospital furniture, bedisde and in room furniture

    Modular wall-systems and casework

    Slimline modular wall-systems are a versatile and complete solution for healthcare facilities.
    Flexible modular design allows the hospitals to order a cabinet system, that is specific to your own requirements. configurations that may include drawers, mobile carts, display shelves, television, computers, glove storage, wardrobe, medication supply & storage. This custom and flexible approach will allow you to create a wall-system that incompasses all task at hand.

    You can also choose to expand the cabinetry at a future date with the same ease.
    This flexible design and manufacturing process also allows for fast and simple installation, reducing on-site work time, for minimal intrusion on your facility.

    Healthcare casework is a furniture and cabinet solution designed with change in mind from the beginning. The casework can be demounted and reinstalled with ease when you remodel, move, or expand your facility.

    High quality and heavy duty case work, commercial and industrial grade.